21st Century America

The school's award-winning programs in intercultural dialogue promote international awareness and support cross-cultural research. UC Irvine social scientists work to understand and impact America's place in the world, along with its changing politics, economy and society, with research on international affairs, comparative politics, cultural difference and global social movements.


Big Data

Ubiquitous digital networks link minds, bodies and societies, generating a wave of data that will transform humanity and the study of human behavior. UC Irvine social scientists are tackling "big data" with methods from ethnography to statistics and mathematical psychology for 21st century analytics.

Cognition and Computation

UC Irvine social scientists are at the forefront of creating robust measures and models of the brain, behavior and science itself, revolutionizing the study of machine learning, perception and memory, as well as contributing to new approaches in economics. Cognitive and computational approaches help understand the neurological and behavioral dimensions of decision, perception and communication.


New Economics

New fields being forged at UC Irvine provide new insight into old economic questions as well as the new circumstances of a globally interconnected and uncertain world. Research in anthropology, economics, philosophy and sociology is providing new insight into markets and economic models.


Population and Policy

With the new U.S. Census Data Center coming to the School of Social Sciences in 2013-14, the school's  centers of excellence in economic policy and population science drive policy-relevant research on demographic change, immigration, employment and transportation in the United States and beyond.



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